Transport terms & conditions


Passengers should present themselves at the appropriate check-in desk on time, not later than 30 minutes before scheduled time of departure. Passenger is also required to arrive at the departure gate on time, but no later than the time established by the Carrier, i.e. 10 minutes before scheduled departure. We reserve the right to cancel your reservation and deny you boarding if you don´t comply with the check-in deadline or if you don´t have travel documents stated as mandatory or if you are not capable to attend the flight. No compensation will be provided.


1. The passenger must present himself/herself with valid photografic ID or relevant travel documents at  check-in desk and to the legal authority on all flights including domestic services.   

2. Passengers are obliged to notify the company of any handicap, disability or other health condition, which could cause complication before or during the flight.  

3. Passengers must submit to any customs or security check. Passenger, who refuses to submit to these checks, loses his/her right to carriage. No compensation shall be provided.

4. In accordance to the effective international law and regulations, passenger cannot carry with him/her any gun, arm ammunition, knives, and replicas of weapons,  blades or any other weapons. These items may be placed in checked baggage or have to be given to the company  before departure. The company is not liable for these items. All dangerous articles such as explosives, ammunition, inflammables, corrosive and  acid substances, compressed gas, poison or toxic materials can be carried only as a special baggage.

5. Passenger is obliged to maintain all safety regulations when:

    - checking in and while present in a passengers' zone

    - boarding and leaving aircraft

    - placing cabin baggage and clothing in cabin locker

6. Passengers must:

    - comply with the check-in deadline and be present at all required procedures on time

    - use the safety belt when signalled

    - change seat when asked by crew member or other employee of the company

    - behave in a manner not endangering the flight safety, passengers and crew

    - maintain discipline on board the aircraft, particularly refraining from excessive    

      consumption of alcoholic beverages      

    - not smoke in the aircraft (including WC), it is strictly forbidden, in case of  violation of this,  

      5000 EUR fine shall be imposed

    - not operate any personal electronic equipment on board the aircraft, in case of

      violation of this, 5000 EUR fine shall be imposed

    - submit to medical treatment or first aid if required and notify the crew of any ne-

      cessary  medical or health condition                                                                      

    - submit to the safety check or personal inspection conducted by the legal authority or

      other empowered institution     

    - fulfil the instructions of the aircraft´s commander and crew during the flight

    - dress according to standard criteria of air service

Passenger is liable for any loss or damage incurred by failure of passenger to follow obligations stated in this section (damage to the interior of the aircraft, illegal carriage of dangerous animals or goods).


Conditional acceptance for carriage 

Passengers with physical or mental disabilities or of old age are accepted for carriage under the condition that the company is not liable for any injuries, illness or other health complication including death or damaged baggage induced by the air carriage. These passengers must sign a declaration that the air carrier is not liable for any damage induced by air carriage otherwise the company reserves the right to refuse carriage of these passengers.

The company reserves the right to refuse the carriage of passengers with physical or mental disability who are travelling unaccompanied. These passengers are obliged to present himself/herself with medical statement that he/she is able to attend the flight. Passenger must not suffer from any infectious disease and the medical state of passenger should not make other passengers feel uncomfortable. In case of sudden death during the flight, human remains shall be left to the legal authorities at the nearest airport. The replacement transport can be ordered by the Carrier, at the expenses of survivors. 

Carriage of passangers with reduced mobility or other disability

Passengers with reduced mobility are carried under the same conditions as other passengers and they shall be provided with special care in line with Regulation of the Europen Parliament and of the Council No. 1107/2006 of the 5th July, 2006. Disabled passengers without accompanying person/carer are carried under the same condition as ill passengers. Blind passengers may travel with their guide dog. Guide dogs travel free of charge and may be carried in the passenger's cabin without using cage if:

- blind passenger is dependent on guide dog,

- documentation about special training for guide dog is provided,

- guide dog must be on lead and must wear muzzle and sit on the floor not

  on the seat

Carriage of expectant mothers

Expectant mothers must inform the carrier about the number of weeks of their pregnancy and of any health complications. The company shall perform carriage of expectant mother, whose length of pregnancy does not exceed 28 weeks without medical confirmation. If pregnancy is risky, medical confirmation not older than 7 days is required. The company is not liable for any damage to life of pregnant passengers induced by air carriage. The pregnant passenger is solely liable for all consequences to her medical condition induced by air carriage. The company reserves the right to refuse the carriage of pregnant passenger.

Carriage of unaccompanied minors

Minors up to the age of 6 years may only travel accompanied by person older than 18 years. Minors aged 6 years up to the age of 12 years may travel unaccompanied only if they are carried to the airport by adult who has to submit a written travel permit issued by responsible person in the form provided by the police authorities that another adult person shall collect the minor on arrival at the final destination. Unaccompanied minors are carried for children´s fare of economy class, as well as for the charge established by the Carrier, i.e. EUR 33. Also children up to 15 years may, upon request of a client, travel as unaccompanied minor. Unaccompanied minors, aged 12 - 15 years are carried for full tariff of economy class, as well as for the charge established by the Carrier, i.e. EUR 33. Age of the child must be proved by a valid travel document. For information on purchasing of electronic flight ticket for Unaccompanied Minor please contact us by contact details of the Carrier.

Carriage of infants

Infants are children under the age of 2 years. The company does not perform carriage of children younger than 2 weeks. Infants are carried at reduced fare according to the tariffs of the company, they do not have the right to separate seat or to carriage of baggage. Infants may travel only in the lap of  parent or other accompanying adult unless separate seat has been booked for an infant at full fare. Infant car seats must be fastened to the seat. Infant car seats must meet all the health and safety and technical criteria. One passenger may carry in his/her lap only one infant.


Visa permits and other travel documents 

a) Passenger is obliged to be in possesion of and having avilable for presentation valid and non-expired travel documents necessary for the entry, transit, stay and exit of countries of departure, transit and arrival. 

b) The company is not liable for damage or expences induced by passenger 

c) The company reserves the right to check all passengers' travel documents

Refused entry

The company is obliged to carry passenger back to the place of departure or elsewhere in accordance with valid legislation if entry to the country was refused to passenger due to the passenger not having the required travel documents. No compensation shall be provided. Passenger is obliged to pay for a return ticket at valid fare.

Liability of passanger for damage incurred by the company

The carrier is entitled for compensation of damages incurred by the carrier as a result of passenger not acting in compliance with the provisions of Conditions of Carriage or formalities required in the country of departure, transit, transfer or arrival.

Customs and security checks

Passenger is obliged to be present at customs and security bagage checks. The carrier is not liable for any damages or loss induced by passenger not being present.

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