Passengers are permitted one standard piece of cabin hand baggage each.  The maximum dimensions of cabin baggage are 55 x 40 x 20 cm and cannot exceed 5 kg per person. The company reserves the right to check the weight and dimensions of passsanger's baggage.
Each adult passenger is permitted to check-in hold baggage not exceeding 15 kilos free of charge. Infants (children under the age of 2) who share passenger seats do not have a baggage allowance. It is allowed to carry foldable pram and food necessary for infants. Baggage allowance for children over the age of 2 is the same as for adults. The company reserves the right to refuse the carriage of dangerous articles, which could cause danger to safety of the flight, persons or property before flight or during flight. The company can also refuse the carriage of  articles, which could be damaged easily or items where packaging is not meeting the required criteria. The following articles are not permitted in checked baggage:
-          money, cheques, credit cards
-          valuable papers and other valuable articles
-          personal identification cards, business or other documents
-          medication, keys, spectacles, sunglasses
-          jewellery, or items of precious stone/metal
-          mobile phones, photo cameras, video cameras, personal computers, notebooks, CDs or other
electronic equipment
-          items which expire quickly
-          artistic works, fragile items and other valuable items
The company does not accept liability for loss or damage to these articles.
Checked  baggage must be suitably packaged, firmly closed, locked and an ID tags attached. With the company's consent, other articles such as food and animals can be carried. Transport of food and small live animals is subject to the charge established by the Carrier. Food has to be suitably packaged and animals have to be in cage.
Every single piece of baggage must have an ID tag with name and address of passanger. Passenger's name and address has to correspond with the name and address on reservation, boarding pass and travel document. Baggage with padlocks and baggage with zips have to be firmly closed and locked. The company does not accept liability for baggage, which has not been collected immediately on arrival. Checked baggage is carried in the same aircraft as the passsenger. If the company is not able to carry baggage in the same aircraft as passenger and this situation is not caused by passenger, baggage shall be carried on the next possible flight.
If 2 or more passengers travelling to the same final destination who are on the same flight and who are checking in together at the same check-in desk, they are permitted to combine the weight of their baggage.

Baggage exceeding 15 kg is subject to avaliable space. Passengers are charged a fee of 10 Euros per kilo for excess weight. The company is not obliged to accept excess baggage of passenger.
Passangers are permitted to carry the following items (aditional fee is charged):
a)      one pair of skis, including one pair of sticks and one pair of ski boots or one snowboard and one pair of boots
b)      one golf bag with golf equipment and one pair of golf shoes
c)      special shaped bag tied-off from only one side
d)      one bicycle (non-engined one), must be packaged in bicycle box or bag, handlebars must be flush, pedals must be removed
e)      one pair of standard water skis or one water slalom ski
f)       one set of diving equipment, suitably packaged, oxygen bottles cannot be carried under pressure and they must be empty (employees of the company are permitted to check the bottles). Full bottles shall not be accepted for carriage. If wet suit and diving shoes are packaged in checked-in baggage and they do not exceed 15kg, they are not classed as oversized or as special item.
g)      one musical instrument not exceeding the lenght of 100cm
h)      arms and ammunition, one set contains: maximum of 2 arms, 5kg of ammunition, tripod, silencer, and a little set of maintanance tools
or 2 heavy arms in boxes or sets of maximum of 5 revolvers, 5 kg of ammunition, silencer, additional telescope and a little maintanance set.
i)      one surfboard
Carriage of the above listed items is permitted only with the company's consent and it is subject to available space. The company reserves the right to refuse carriage of the listed items if packaging criteria are not met.  Special oversized baggage may be carried only in cargo area of the aircraft.
Referring to above listed items a passenger is charged fee of 50 EUR.
1. Claims for damaged baggage, which was not checked in or any damage to passanger's health or personal property must be made immediately to the company or agent and report shall be then made. If a claim is not made within the required period of time, passenger is obliged to prove that damage was caused by the company.  If very serious injury occured, the report must be made by the company.
2. Claims for damaged baggage must be made immediately or within 7 days. Claims for damaged carried goods must be made immediately or within 14 days from the day it was delivered. Claims for delayed carried goods must be made within 25 days. Claims for lost carried goods must be made within 120 days.
In case of inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact our claims department:
Claims Department
Ivánska cesta 30/B
P.O.BOX 20
820 01 Bratislava 21
Slovak Republic
Fax: +421 2 4363 8539
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