Air fleet

Our fleet consists of ecological turboprop aircrafts ATR 72, and these airliners are ideal to meet the criteria of comfort and safety for shorter or longer flights.  ATR- Avions de Transport Regional is the result of the Italian-French cooperation and at the moment is manufactured/produced in two versions:shorter aircraft ATR 42 with a maximum of 50 passangers and the ATR 72, which can carry a maximum of 74 passengers.
Technical data ATR 72-202
Wing span                      27.05 m
Main body length           27.17 m
Height                            7.65 m
MTOW                            21 500 kg
Engines                          Pratt & Whitney
Speed                            460km/h
Capacity                        70 pax
Number of aircrafts in our fleet:        4 – OM-VRA, OM-VRB, OM-VRC, OM-VRD
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